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Nicole Oliva
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Finding a pair of jeans that fits
perfectly can be an impossible task
for some of us.When you find that
perfect pair and don’t want to take
them off, you need to know how
to dress them up with variety so
you don’t get comments like, “Do
you own any other pair of jeans?”
from your closest friends or co-
workers. Here are four ways to
turn ordinary jeans into a new fab
Add as a stylish sweater
Florida can get hot! But,
November is the month to start
breaking out the sweaters that you
have kept in the back of your
closet for the past five months.
The best kinds of sweaters for the
fall are those that have shape and
style. Opt for sweaters that run a
little big so you can drape one side
of the sweater off your shoulder.
Pair this with cropped skinny
jeans and a cute bootie. V-neck
sweaters are great with skinny
jeans and a light scarf. Pair this
look with a rugged boots for a chic
urban look.
Work a cuff
Most of us can’t wear jeans to
work on a daily basis. But when
you’re running to the grocery store
or doing errands around town, it’s
important to still look your very
best, especially if you’re single. To
keep upwith one of this fall’s latest
trends without breaking the bank,
transform your favorite skinnies
by cuffing them once or twice.
This style looks effortless and
streamlines the body. Pair this style
with cute flats or a trendy pair of
heels or booties. Add a cardigan
over a cami and your style will go
from boring to chic in seconds.
Mix masculine pieces with
feminine vibe
We all love the casual vibe of
boyfriend jeans. However, most of
us don’t know how to wear them
properly. Always pair boyfriend
jeans with girlie heels and a fitted
top for a balanced look. Think
cropped tops, tied tanks, fitted
tees, button up shirts and
bodysuits. Stay away from baggy
tops, as they will only add weight
and make you look sloppy. Stay
away from super chunky heels,
too. Instead, chose strappy or
simple heels to give your style a
effortless look that is simplified
and clean.
Add accessories
Accessories can make any
outfit look complete! Colorful
earrings or a chunky necklace
pairedwith your favorite jeans will
instantly make your ensemble
look new and exciting. Heels that
have print or sequence can also
add style and texture when pairing
themwith an ankle cut skinny.
Whether you go for layered
necklaces, work a cuff or add a
cute sweater to your favorite pair
of jeans, you’re guaranteed to
achieve a fashionable outfit.
Whatever way you chose to go
with, wear your new outfit with
confidence and you will look
amazing with minimum effort!
November 2012
How to Dress Up Your Favorite Pair of Jeans