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Justin Young
Good News
Apart from reading the Bible,
there is arguably no better way to
grow in your knowledge of God
and his Word than by digging into
a godly book. Here are a few
recommendations from the Good
News staff that are well worth the
$10 Amazon purchase.
Prodigal God
by Timothy Keller
Anyone who has been a
Christian for more than five
minutes has heard the biblical
parable of the prodigal son. The
overwhelming majority of the
time, the storyteller recounting
these words of Jesus zeroes in on
the fall and redemption of the son
who was wayward and wild. In
Prodigal God
, Keller reminds us
that, in fact, there are two sons in
the story, and that it is actually the
prideful and self-righteous older
brother who we see far from God
as the curtain closes. Keller paints
a powerful picture of sin, pride,
justification and the heart of God
that is sure to resonate with every
Mere Christianity
by C.S. Lewis
This true classic of the faith
was compiled from a series of
radio broadcasts given by British
theologian and author C.S. Lewis
during the height ofWorldWar II.
With intellect and eloquence,
Lewis lays out a strong, rational
case for a faith in Christ that
supersedes lip-service religion and
denominational distinctions to
focus on the only One who really
matters. Regarded as a literary
master by those both inside and
outside of the faith (he also
authored the
Chronicles of Narnia
series of books), Lewis’s
is a must-read for any
Jesus +Nothing=Everything
by Tullian Tchividjian
While nearly any Christian
will likely be quick to agree with
the statement that “Jesus is all I
need,” belief in that statement is
easily tested in themoments when
the things most important to us
Tchividjian gives an honest and
candid glimpse into his own
personal pain that led him to a
place of comprehending the
sufficiency of Christ at the heart
level. This valuablework puts forth
that it is not Jesus plus respect,
success, earthly relationships,
righteousness by works, or any
other thing that equals everything,
but that, truly, Jesus plus nothing
equals everything, every day, for
10 Things Jesus Never Said
Will Davis, Jr.
For many, the results of sitting
manipulative Bible teaching,
having a relationship with God
based on guilt and fear, and having
formulated wrong ideas about
God through our own experiences
of failure and pain have caused us
to create an idea of an angry and
frustrated Jesus who simply
doesn’t exist. In
10 Things Jesus
Never Said
, Davis dismantles
statements commonly attributed
to Jesus such as “If you really loved
me, you’d try harder,” and “I can’t
believe you call yourself a
Christian,” replacing those lies with
the truths of love, redemption and
forgiveness found at the foot of the
Desiring God
by John Piper
The subtitle of this pivotal
work by Pastor John Piper is
“Confessions of a Christian
Hedonist.” Piper puts forth that the
pursuit of pleasure in one’s
relationship with God is not just
possible, but is actually exactly
how God intends for the
relationship to be. Piper’s recurring
theme in
Desiring God
is that God
is most glorified in us whenwe are
most satisfied in Him, showing
that truly lovingGod and enjoying
all areas of life, despite our
circumstances, is possible with a
Christian life as delight and not
Cost of Discipleship
by Dietrich
As both aGerman citizen and
a Christian during Adolph Hitler’s
rise to power in Nazi Germany,
Deitrich Bonhoeffer experienced
a crisis of faith that is simply
unfathomable to most from the
comfort of our cozy American
church pews. As Bonhoeffer
watched injustices of the highest
order taking place all around him,
he took a stand in Christ’s name
and was eventually executed in a
German concentration camp for
his vehement opposition to
Hitler’s insane genocide.
The Cost
of Discipleship
is Bonhoeffer’s
Christians a vivid picture of the
unbreakable marriage between
Christian theology and Christlike
social activism and engagement.
Love Does
by Bob Goff
In recounting a series of
entertaining and insightful stories
from his life, Bob Goff weaves in a
strong challenge to his readers; a
challenge based on the fact that
when Jesus said to love your
neighbor, he really meant it. With
the fruits of the Spirit literally
blooming from his writing, Goff
tells about his experiences of
showing real love to real people in
real need. As the book’s title
partially reveals, the bottom line of
Love Does
is that love doesn’t just
wish, think or plan, love gets up
and does. Prepare to be challenged
and changed from the very first
The Reason for God
by Timothy
In this New York Times
bestseller, Keller has done for our
generation what Lewis did for our
. Keller leaves no stone
unturned in addressing common
roadblocks to Christianity, as well
as taking a wise and detailed look
at questions that every Christian
faces in contemplating God’s
nature, sovereignty and relation to
sinful man. Whether you are a
skeptic with more questions than
answers or a seasoned believer in
The Reason for God
is sure to
deeply enrich your understanding
of God and His Word.
A good book about Jesus has
the ability to implant truth down
deep into your soul. Pick up one of
the above titles today and be
blessed as that truth takes root and
bears fruit!
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