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November 2012
How Did Man Live So Long Before the Flood?
Tom De Rosa
Good News
In Genesis Chapter 5,
something bizarre is happening.
This chapter is dedicated to
preserving the record of the
generations of Adam, so that
there would be an accurate
record of the promised Seed; the
lineage of our savior, Jesus
Christ. It also indicates that man
lived long ages approaching a
thousand years and, of course,
this is something unheard of
today. There is a pattern
established where we see the
major patriarchs carrying the
promised Seed through Noah’s
lineage. Genesis 5:3-5 states:
“And Adam lived one hundred
and thirty years, and begot a son
in his own likeness, after his
image, and named him Seth.
After he begot Seth, the days of
Adam were eight hundred years;
and he had sons and daughters.
So all the days that Adam lived
were nine hundred and thirty
years; and he died.”
Living 900 Years?
Adam lived 930 years, but he
had Seth when he was 130 years
old. Did Adam’s children live as
long as he did? As we go down the
lineage of the promised Seed, we
observe that Seth lived 912 years,
Enos - 905 years, Cainan - 910 years
and so on endingwithNoah at 950
years. We should not forget
Methuselah - 969 years, who lived
the longest of all. From generation
to generation until the flood, the
average lifespan was in the 900-
year range. The Bible also
mentions that there were other
sons and daughters of Adam that
lived to long ages. How many
people couldhavewalked the earth
before the flood if they lived that
long? The number could easily be
7 billion. After all, that is theworld’s
population today. Some have
hypothesized that in the most
favorable conditions, the world’s
population could reach 25 billion.
Of course this is speculative,
because the word of God does not
give us a number, and there were
no documented accounts available
due to the damaging effects of the
worldwide catastrophic flood.
Before the Flood
We can be certain of three
facts during this pre-flood time
according to the scriptures. First,
with the chronologies inGenesis 5
being accurate, we can determine
the age of the earth to be 1,652
years at the time of the flood.
Second, it is evident that lifespans
after the flood suddenly decreased
as recorded in the Bible in Genesis
11, startingwith Shemat 600 years
and ending Tera at 205 years. Later
in the Scriptures, we see that
Moses lived 120 years. Lastly, it is
evident that living conditions
surrounding the earth pre-flood
would be very different than they
are today. This would make sense,
because the floodwas sent byGod
as judgment on mankind; a
cataclysm that would totally wipe
out man and all the animals that
had the breath of life in them, with
the exception of Noah, his family
and the animals they took with
them on the Ark.
After the Flood
The worldwide flood would
dramatically change the earth’s
surface, as 2 Peter 3:5 states: “For
this theywillfully forget: that by the
word of God the heavens were of
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