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Did you know that more
people die each year from
diseases of excess than from
hunger and starvation? Yes, it’s
true! Obesity, overeating, and
being overweight are linked to
more deaths worldwide than
famine. While it is universal for
churches to emphasize ministries
that feed the poor in far off lands,
the disease-causing indulgences
of their very own congregants are
often simply ignored. Let’s face it,
when was the last time you heard
a sermon rebuking our unhealthy
eating practices and exposing the
industries that actively promote
these deadly behaviors? In a
nation that leads the world in
obesity, it is incumbent upon the
American church to preach this
There are a few basic reasons
why the U.S has become such a fat
nation. First, there was the
introduction of high fructose
corn syrup and trans-fatty acids in
the 1970s, along with the
nutritional lie that a low fat diet is
healthy. The result: our nation is
now twice a fat as 40 years ago.
The other literally enormous
problem is that the giant farming
agribusiness has traded nutrition
for profit. Complete ignorance of
God’s plan to rest the land for its
replenishment has rendered the
topsoil deficient of life-giving
nutrients. The foods grown
worldwide have become so
nutritionally inadequate that
today you have to consume 10
times the amount of fruit and
vegetables to get equal nutrition
from the same foods of just three
short decades ago. Because of
this, the nutritional thermostat
that regulates hunger in your
brain hardly ever turns off. You
are literally starving for nutrients
even while consuming an
overabundance of calories. Hence
the obesity epidemic! This is why
quality food supplements have
great value. They supplement
what you are not getting in the
deficient foods you are eating.
However, there are inherent
risks with supplementation. First,
they are not meant to compensate
for diets filled with junk foods, yet
many people eat poorly and think
that supplements will save them.
Also, research shows that 39 out
of 40 supplements tested are
either toxic, non-effective, or
both. Do not waste your money
supplements. A good supplement
should not be radiated or contain
genetically modified ingredients,
heavy metals, solvents, glues,
binders, pesticides or anything
sweeteners). Also, they must be
free of excipients (additives that
provide no nutrition).
Here are the categories of
quality supplements that should
be considered for your daily
Super-foods are a whole food
or combination of whole foods
that are concentrated by drying,
making an abundance of the
original nutrients available in
each small serving. Examples:
powdered dehydrated fruits,
veggies, nutritive grasses, sea
vegetables and algae.
Fatty Acids
The standard American diet
provides excess Omega 6 and 9
fatty acids, but is deficient in
Omega 3. Excess Omega 6 fatty
acids are a main contributor to
inflammatory conditions. Chia
seeds, flaxseeds and clean fatty
fish from the ocean (like Salmon)
are great sources of Omega 3s.
Fish contains the Omega 3
Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA)
which cannot be manufactured in
the body, making it a dietary
Vitamin D3
Vitamin D is a fat soluble
vitamin that is made by the body
when your skin is exposed to
Americans do not get enough sun
exposure to produce sufficient
quantities of the vitamin. Vitamin
D has become known as the “anti-
cancer” vitamin and is involved in
the creation of all 200 anti-infective
agents that the human body
manufactures. D3 is the only
effective form of Vitamin D to
The soils are depleted, so a
good ionic mineral supplement
that naturally contains the perfect
calcium and magnesium ratio is
the key. Coral calcium and ionic
sea minerals are valuable in this
Digestive Enzymes
Digestion problems may be
the most common health issue
significantly to global malnutrition.
Age-related enzyme depletion,
coupled with a diet consisting of
concentrated foods, makes the
addition of digestive enzymes very
important for most people.
- Dr. Jeff Hazim -
Good News - Broward Edition
November 2012
Food Supplements for Better Health