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Robin Revier
Good News
Music has the ability to strike a chord—nopun intended
— in every human. It is unique in that there is a groove for
everywalk of life.Wemight, and usually do, differ in our likes
and dislikes, but the one genre that seems tomelt our hearts
towards one another is the music of Christmas. With the
holidays fast approaching, it’s safe to say we are all getting
ready to jingle our music bells to the tunes of the season.
So, who is your favorite artist?What is that one CD that
instantly ushers into your home the smell of fresh pine and
cinnamon from the first note? I think we can all agree that
we tend to lean towards the familiar when it comes to our
Christmas picks, but there often seems to be a shortage of
new Christmas music, or quite possibly we are unaware of
some fresh offerings.
For a fun festive musical experience that lends itself to
the ever exciting Chris Rice compositions, try
Merry Chris
it’s a great tapestry of Christmas favorites for all you
contemporary types. Like every albumRice has ever released,
this is no exception to the thrill ride he always takes his
listeners on.
Another highly acclaimed project is Amy Grant’s
Christmas to Remember
a combo of traditional and original
songs. This has become amusical staple inour home. It offers
a great combination of pop and traditional pieces and she
does a killer version of Chris Rice’s “Welcome toOurWorld.”
The title cut is an original written byGrant, Chris Eaton, and
Beverly Darnall that really captures family and the traditions
of Christmas. The lyrics are breathtaking and sure to move
the heart of even the most casual listener. Also, the Patrick
Williams Orchestra makes this album soar.
My kids love the
Glee Christmas Album
and I feel the
sameway; the vocals are off the charts and the arrangements,
top notch. And, surprisingly three of the cuts are traditional.
I might be dating myself here a bit, but I have to confess
that James Taylor’s
James Taylor at Christmas
is in my top
three. It offers thewarmth of jazz overtoneswith the smooth
sounds of this legendary guitarist/vocalist. Taylor does amad
groove on “Jingle Bells,” which is rather refreshing in light of
the many times we have all endured the traditional version,
not that it’s not cute in its own dashing-through-the-snow
kind of way. I’m actually listening to it right now.
And, last but not least, you will never go wrong with
these standard top five Christmas albums:
1. Bing Crosby,
2. Vince Guaraldi,
Brown Christmas
3. Kenny G, Miracles:
Holiday Album
4. Ella Fitzgerald, Ella
You a Swingin’
5. Nat King Cole,
Christmas Song
Honestly, I could go on and on because, of course,
Christmas is our favorite time of year and music is a huge
passion for me. This is just my small contribution to a world
of suggestions out there. I hope you have fun in yourmusical
Merry Christmas and, “Thanks be to God for his
unspeakable gift!” (2 Corinthians 9:15)
Robin is a singer and published songwriter and currently
sings with the praise team at CRPC. Follow her on twitter
at @robinmahria or email her at
17 December 2013
A Few of My Favorite Sings