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33 December 2013
saying God won’t give us more
than we can handle, say that
when things become too much
and you are ready to give up,
find your peace in knowing
that God can handle what we
can’t. And that no matter how
bad things get , he will never
leave us nor forsake us.
“I’m not sure, but I’ll pray
about it.”
What it is supposed to mean:
I will seek the council and
wisdom of God to guide me
in this decision.
What we often mean by it:
I don’t want to do this, but
I don’t want to seem rude
either, so rather than simply
saying no, I’m going stall for
some time, and say it later.
It is actually a very good
practice to bring decisions
before God and to seek wisdom
higher than our own, but
sometimes we should just give a
straight answer. Questions like,
“What career should I follow?”
“What ministry should I serve
in?” deserve thoughtful prayer
and meditation, but when
someone asks, “Can you help
me move on Friday?” maybe
not so much.
Where it could be reapplied:
The key here is simply to
make sure that if we say we are
going to pray about something
or for someone, that we actually
do. There is incredible power in
prayer, but only when we
actually do it. This phrase
doesn’t need to go anywhere; we
just need to stop using it when
we don’t mean it, which may also
mean that we need to start
meaning it more often.
Rick is a freelance writer and
worship leader. He blogs at and tweets